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The Gentlemen’s Toolbox

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox

Overview of The Gentlemen’s Toolbox by Dr. Paul

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox by Dr. Paul is his first product that attempts to cover the aspects of outer game or the “What to say” to girls.  Dr. Paul is well known for his Mind OS system and his great contribution to the inner game of dating life.  Dr. Paul is an actual certified psychologist so he adds a unique perspective to dating products because he adds a lot of clinical science to his teaching.  His inner game products are great…

However, The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is not an inner game product and is not great.  This product seems to be just what you would expect, a doctor who is good at being a doctor, trying to play dating instructor.  The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is full of cheesy one liners and long routines that seem dated and weak.  Dr. Paul is over 40 and it shows as this product sounds like things a dad trying to sound cool would say and not something a smooth guy in his prime would ever say.  Also, at $97 there are countless other dating products we have reviewed on this site that are a much better use of your money.

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox has a few redeaming qualities and those come in regards to the inner game portions of this dating product.  Which only furthers the idea that you should NOT buy The Gentlemen’s Toolbox as you could get his other products on inner game and have the few pieces from this book and much more. The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is not the worst product we’ve ever reviewed but it is very poor in comparison to the other dating products on this site.

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is set in a format of 97 principals and each one is either a routine you can use or a principal for you to apply to specific situations he describes.  They are all very cliche, if not corny and not fleshed out very well.

The dating product’s sales page says, “As we move through the 101 fun activities, you will see how each technique analyzes a particular part of a woman’s psychology exposing her nature to you as well as putting your best foot forward in attracting her. These fun activities can be enjoyed with a wingman, a group of friends, or out by yourself.”

You really have to be carful what you read in the marketing of some of these dating products.   The Gentlemen’s Toolbox promises the world, but wildly under delivers. If you’ve ever watched Dr. Paul on David DeAngelo’s Deep Inner Game product than you might be a big fan like I am.  However, don’t assume The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is going to bring that kind of value.  I was expecting some sound analysis and excellent teaching tools as he did in Mind OS and on the Deep Inner Game dvd’s but it just isn’t to be.  It seems Dr. Paul either threw this together in a hurry or flat out doesn’t know dating skills like he knows psychology.

What dating skill level is The Gentlemen’s Toolbox best suited for?

I think The Gentlemen’s Toolbox should be avoided by all dating skill levels.  If you are a new guy to the dating game, this product would get you smacked around by hot women.  The Gentlemen’s Toolbox should be avoided because it will really hurt your foundation and it’s important that you start with a product that sets a good tone for your dating life and helps you learn the basics.  This product would teach you things that will not only get you really bad results, but it would also teach you things you would have to unlearn once you finally found some dating products worth viewing.

Guys with intermediate and advanced dating skills should not read The Gentlemen’s Toolbox because it would be a bad use of your time and money.  There are so many good dating products on this site, we have to urge you to seek out anything in our top 10 list before wasting your money on this product.


How The Gentlemen’s Toolbox impacted my dating life

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox literally did nothing for my dating life.  I read it and tried to take some notes as I usually do when I review dating products, but I found this product just an absolute waste and found almost zero dating tips worth keeping.  I find it annoying when The Gentlemen’s Toolbox tries to tackle big topics like dates, seduction, and how to text message in one paragraph or page each.  We’ve learned that when dating products are written in such a manner, it usually means 2 thing….the author doesn’t have much success and/or experience in those areas so is therefore at a loss for words to break them down properly.  The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is written in such a manner.

How to use The Gentlemen’s Toolbox to improve your dating life

The best way to utilize The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is to flat out avoid it. If someone gave it to you for free, maybe you could go over the few early sections on inner game and then throw the rest away.  After the inner game portion of The Gentlemen’s Toolbox, the rest of it will actually make your game worse.


What I disliked about The Gentlemen’s Toolbox

If you’ve read the above review of The Gentlemen’s Toolbox then it’s pretty obvious what I dislike about this dating product.  It is an insult to the men who buy The Gentlemen’s Toolbox and spent their good money.  The routines make you shake your head as you read them and are obviously written by someone who thinks he is much smoother than he really is.  I like Dr. Paul a lot especially in regards to his Mind O.S. system for inner game, but I owe it to our readers to be brutally honest about all dating products we review.  If you have any dating experience at all, you will quickly realize that The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is full of terrible advice and a weird outlook on being smooth and interesting at best. The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is going to receive one of our lowest rated reviews of all time.


Final Thoughts on The Gentlemen’s Toolbox:

The Gentlemen’s Toolbox is to be avoided and is a complete waste of your money.  Please do yourself a favor and spend your money on a number of any products we have reviewed.  The Gentlemen’s Toolbox will not only set you back $96.00, it will also cost you time and bad dating habits.  Please avoid this product at all costs.





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