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Why Love Systems Magic Bullets is a must read

Magic Bullets Read it or Weep

Attraction happens when a woman meets a man that gets how attraction works on a subconscious level and who gets how when to mash the gas or when to slow things down at each level of the dating game. If you’ve never read Magic Bullets or any of the other 5 Star recommended products on our site, then you probably don’t get it.
The problem most guys have with dating and attracting women is that everything you think that is obvious or that you learned on TV or movies is almost 100% wrong. The dating world is not a fairy tale where the dorky, shy, overly nice guy wins in the end, running off with the gorgeous princess.

What you were taught your whole life about dating, you must foget:

Attracting women is frustratingly hard and ridiculously easy all at the same time. If you have read books like Magic Bullets or you grew up around guys who you could absorb these skills from, then watching a guy fail with women is baffling. It’s like watching a guy who can’t tie his shoes!
But if you haven’t read Magic Bullets and internalized the principles found inside, then trying to attract a beautiful woman can feel as scary and frustrating as doing brain surgery after reading a short flyer on the basics of brain surgery.
One thing you will learn in Magic bullets is the importance of unwinding all those bad beliefs and the social conditioning that taught you what you “think” makes women attracted.

Magic Bullets shows the do’s and don’ts

Magic bullets shows you that you MUST do things like tease and create tension, stop trying so hard to do something she likes, how important it is to have strong boundaries, and learning the art of the takeaway so you give her time to miss you.If everything in this article is new to you, then stop right now and go read Savoy’s book Magic Bullets and watch RSD Foundations.You can read articles and forum posts all day long, but you need to get the foundations and mindsets outlined above internalized so you stop having the default setting of the wimp or nice guy.

Will Magic Bullets make me someone I’m not?

Magic bullets will not turn you into some mean asshole who treats women like crap. But, it will show you how to bring out your best and most attractive self. This book will teach you the foundations of attraction, what order things go in, and great examples of bad behavior to remove and good behavior to implement.
I’m a big fan of learning off the backs of others who have already done the work, so I don’t have to spend years and years learning the hard way. Love Systems Magic Bullets, is a book that shaved literally years off of my learning curve. It’s not just for beginners, I still make sure I read Magic Bullets at least once a year for a refresher or anytime I find myself in a rut and need a kick start.

If you want to know more about Magic Bullets go here: Love Systems Magic Bullets Full Review

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