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Older Men Dating Younger Women

Older Men Dating Younger Women

Review on Older Men Dating Younger Women audio

By Savoy and Kisser

Extremely valuable product developed by Love Systems. Being a pretty old guy, early 40s, I always had the fantasy of filling my dating life with younger women. I mean much younger women, such as early to the mid 20 year old girls. I truly thought if I ever started dating women this young, it would come from luck as young women simply aren’t attracted to guys as old as their fathers. After hearing this audio my mindset on dating younger women totally changed.

As Savoy and Kisser explain, many guys develop a mindset that dating younger women is out of the question, and in result the task becomes much harder than it should be. This is exactly the way I thought, and in return it prevented me from dating much younger women. By hearing this dating audio, I actually learned that young women find dating older men attractive. Savoy and Kisser explain such characteristics that older men have that they can use to their advantage to add young women into their dating life. I had many of these traits, but failed to ever use them to my advantage.

That being said, the great feature about this audio is that it not only lays out attractive traits of older guys, but Savoy and Kisser explain common mistakes older guys make when interacting with younger women. Many guys are simply not calibrating themselves to younger women. For example, guys make common mistakes with fashion and conversation that set the “older” frame for the younger women. If you are framing yourself as too old to the girl, you can eliminate your chances of dating her. Savoy and Kisser show you how to be aware of these mistakes that older guys are making so you can be prepared next time you are interacting with a younger woman.

What if you are older than the girl’s parents or have children her age? This may seem like a cue to stay away from the girl… but with the dating advice in this audio, you can actually date women that much younger than you. Savoy and Kisser specifically get into the issue of interacting with women that young, and show you what to do if the fact comes out that you are older than her parents or have kids her age.

This audio is filled with unique and valuable dating advice. Many older guys prohibit the idea of dating a younger woman. This audio will help you add young women into your dating life, regardless of the age discrepancy.

What dating skill level is the audio on Older Men Dating Younger Women best suited for

This audio will help all skill levels… as long as you are an old guy looking to date younger women. Obviously, this audio will not really benefit you if you are a young guy who is dating women around the same age. For older guys, this audio is going to help you a massive amount.

How the audio on Older Men Dating Younger Women impacted my dating life

This audio really gave me endless possibilities in my dating life. I always had the notion that interacting/dating much younger women was something frowned upon. I always wanted to do it, but I had the mindset in my brain that it was socially awkward. After hearing this audio, I realized that dating younger women was something that could easily be done with the right tools and dating advice, which this audio includes. I started to fix some of my fashion mistakes I was making, and really learned to give off the right frame to younger women. I am in my 40s, and I would sometimes give off the vibe of being too old for the girls. The audio helped me fix this problem, and more importantly enabled me to use the advantages of being older to attract younger women into my dating life.

How to use the audio on Older Men Dating Younger Women to improve your dating life

If you are an older guy who wants to be dating younger women, this audio is a must-buy. It is done by Savoy and Kisser who seem to know the topic very well. Savoy has been in the dating game for many years, and is one of the pioneers of the community. He really knows his stuff and it shows with the results in his dating life, as well as the products he develops. He is an older guy now, so dating younger women is common for him. If you take all the valuable advice in this audio, you will be dating younger women in no time. All you need to do is use the tools you learn, as well as eliminate the common mistakes that older guys are making which scare away younger women.

What I disliked about the audio on Older Men Dating Younger Women

What if she tells me I’m too old for her? What if she asks me why I’m talking to someone as young as her?

It would have been beneficial to have seen more examples of how to deal with these questions. Although the product addresses them in a very general way it didn’t go into enough depth for me. I thought that this was a shame considering that most men would think these points would be important to address.

Concluding the audio on Older Men Dating Younger Women

There isn’t a product on the market like this. Love Systems offers extremely valuable dating advice and cover an issue that is stopping many older guys from dating younger women. There shouldn’t be any ideas or assumptions that stop you from dating the women you want. Many older men make the idea of dating younger women seem so difficult and wrong, that the scenario becomes impossible to them. This also results in making older guys forget that they possess attractive qualities that overpower those of younger guys!

When you listen to the content of this audio, you will realize that dating younger women is something you can easily attain.

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