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Neil Strauss’ The Game

Neil Strauss’ The Game

Neil Strauss’ The Game: Setting the foundation of PUA

It was 2005 when Neil Strauss’ The Game was released, and shortly after it became a best seller. But it is fair to say that in 2005, a majority of guys were introduced to this community of pickup artists thanks to Neil Strauss’ The Game. Since Neil Strauss’ The Game came out, we experienced and uproar in this what used to be secret community. From there on, we saw increases in exposure to all companies. Real Social Dynamics made their name, Mystery Method aka Venusian Arts, and Love Systems just to name a few. So how important is Neil Strauss’ The Game and what does it mean to the pickup artist community? Well, it means a lot.

First off, if you ask any dating coach what ignited their journey, they will tell you they read Neil Strauss’ The Game. For me, I remember going through Neil Strauss’ The Game in one night. It had inspired me to become good with women, but also gave me hope. What was so powerful about Neil Strauss’ The Game is that it showed all guys that anyone can become good with women. Neil Strauss wrote about himself in the book and his journey. He started off extremely hopeless and related to many guys around the world who were failing to succeed with women. He was not gifted looks wise, was short and bald, but he wrote about how he was able to succeed with women. Neil Strauss’ The Game serves as inspiration to all the guys out there who consider themselves hopeless with women. No matter how ugly you think you are, or how terrible you may believe you are with women, Neil Strauss’ The Game will open your eyes and help you get on the path to a successful dating life.

Should you still apply the methods from Neil Strauss’ The Game?

When Neil Strauss’ The Game came out, many guys who read it were ecstatic because it was not only a story that was mind-blowing, but it was a guide that was filled with routines and openers to use on women. In 2005, many guys used these openers in Neil Strauss’ The Game and were getting success with women. The book gave a small blueprint on how to get good with women, and helped a lot of guys prepare themselves with routines to use in order to seduce women. That being said, Neil Strauss’ The Game is filled with content that is extremely outdated. Such concepts such as negging a girl will not work anymore, and will actually result in you losing attraction. Also, the routines in Neil Strauss’ The Game have diminished from relevance in today’s science of dating. Neil Strauss’ The Game is somewhat popular, and many girls know some of the routines from the book and can very well call you out on it. It also is not filled with content that will relate to modern day dating.

Why read Neil Strauss’ The Game?

Although all the material in the book is outdated and will not really help you with women, Neil Strauss’ The Game is a must read for everyone. First off, it will open your eyes and show you that all guys can be successful with women, regardless of their looks. Neil Strauss’ The Game is inspirational and a must-read for everyone. It started the foundation for dating and exposed everyone to the community of pickup artists. Neil Strauss’ The Game is also a very good book. Neil Strauss is a best-selling author who has written some phenomenal books. So even if you are not looking to enhance your dating life, Neil Strauss’ The Game is something that will satisfy everyone.


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