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Mode One

Mode One

Review of Mode One

Mode one is now a cult classic in the dating advice industry. Word of mouth and its arguably controversial philosophy has made it well known despite other products mass marketing. Mode One is one of the few dating products that doesn’t pull any punches and is arguably the most direct game style product on the market. Mode One is not a dating product for guys who are scared to go direct and are not ready for some extreme reactions either way. Mode One is all about stating your direct sexual intent reasonably early in the interaction with women. His philosophy is that it is pointless to waste tons of time with neutral small talk that doesn’t ever get to the point of exposing your interest in her and finding out if she is interested in you.

So what is Mode One. Worthy dating product?

According to Alan Roger Currie men communication with women tends to take four different modes. He believes mode one communication enables men easily achieving dating success with women.

The Four Different Modes

Mode One
This involves use of honesty and upfront intentions in your dating life. Let them know if it’s all about casual sex, so should you when interested in dating or after a relationship. Basically, always reveal desires and avoid the “only friends’ shadow” unless you want. There is a little more to it than that and he goes in great detail and gives examples of situations where it makes since to shift to mode one style of communication and explains why it is effective.

Mode Two
It’s all about nice guy presentation to women before revealing your intentions. It may involve a few dates and when you think she likes you then unleash your intentions, hence a cautious and lengthy attack plan. Alan Roger Currie would argue that, while this can work over time it is a brutally slow way to meet women and if you had moved on from her and talked to more women in a mode one style, you would be dating several other women in the span of time you spent wearing this one women down.

Mode Three
Meant for guys who never approach women or reveal their romantic or sexual intentions.
Mostly involves use of their status symbols like material possessions to buy woman’s attention, which works well in women looking to take advantage of such men. Mode One argues that this style can work, but once again is a very slow and brutal process and in most cases unnecessary.

Mode Four
Mostly in men projecting their anger, frustration and bitterness from lack of success with women hence seeking revenge on a particular woman or women in general. It’s only after losing his chances that he communicates his desires, hurting women by bad feelings. Currie claims, in very extreme cases guys may be rapists and serial killers. This is obviously the most unhealthy place a man can be and is to be avoided. Mode One argues that if a man would take the time to competently communicate in a mode one style he would avoid all this pain and his dating life would be drastically healthier and more enjoyable.

In a nutshell Mode One gets into details of the four different modes in the book. I agree with Currie when he claims that most guys operate within mode two and mode three when attempting to date women and this hamstrings their dating skills.

Mode One states that fear greatly contributes to most men using the two modes in their dating life. Currie describes fears including; rejection, being ignored, perception and lack of honesty space.

Being Provocative To Create Sexual Tension

Mode One’s important lesson, which necessary to every guy, is to be provocative to create sexual tension with women. This basically means not being nice and polite. In order to create a strong feeling in her your attitude should be reaction provoking.
Currie achieves sexual tension through direct and confident attitude .While most guys concentrate on polite and respectful image; they are denying their natural masculine essence a real point of attraction from women. Mastering creation of sexual tension greatly enhances your success with women.

Limitations of this dating product
This greatly recommended book has few faults like lack of ‘how-to’ guide and real practical examples and follow up. It’s great for guys experienced in interacting with women and honesty will be the key but for the inexperienced the books approaches can be a challenge especially because it takes a fairly high level of self-confidence to make Mode One communication work in your dating life.

While I absolutely love this dating product, I must advice new guys to take the advice in Mode One with a grain of salt and ease your way up to this style by perfecting some of the basics first. The advice in Mode One is strong for intermediate and advanced guys who know where and how to apply it. For a new guy trying to dabble with the dating tips in here you could get some extreme reactions or even get in a bad spot or two.

How Did Mode One Affect My Dating Life?

Sometimes all we need to go to the next level is to have someone give us permission and to know that it’s ok to go there. This book shakes you loose from a lot of limiting beliefs about women and dating in general.  Mode One gives you mind sets of courage, fearlessness, and no shame about going for what you want in your dating life and how to communicate that properly.  Mode One gave me more balls and helped me get sexual much faster and more often than any other dating product I have reviewed.

What dating skill level is Mode One best suited for?

While I know Mode One will help literally anyone with dating, I have to say it’s best suited for intermediate and advanced guys in dating.  New guys may find Mode One a bit scary if not flat out intimidating.  However, I think intermediate and advanced guys will like the kick in the ass Mode One provides. The success in your dating life will increase.

Final Thoughts on Mode One

Mode one is a must read dating product for every man. This book is all about being a man and going for what you want….shamelessly!  Its main focus being on mindset for women interaction and the world as a whole. The aim is basing your self esteem on who you are and communicating your desire authentically. The book teaches elimination of women manipulation. Currie notes, you only have control over how you behave towards women, and how you allow them to behave towards you.

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