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Review on Humor by dating coaches Braddock and Cajun

For guys who are having trouble making girls laugh, this dating product is for you. Humor is a feature that is extremely attractive to women, and will keep your dating life exciting. Often times, you can attract girls without using much humor…. but this can be a mistake. Everyone loves to laugh, women included. If you show her during your first interaction that you will have her laughing, it will increase her chances of dating you because she knows that you will add laughter in her life.

Now humor is a simple topic, but there are many components you need tackle when dealing with this dating skill. Humor will make a girl laugh, but there are many mistakes guys make when trying to add humor in their dating life. First off, many guys will be funny but only end up being a dancing monkey. A dancing monkey is someone who will make a girl laugh and be a source of entertainment… but that is it. It won’t develop much attraction and you are seen as a source of entertainment rather than the ideal dating candidate. This is a common mistake guys make when they try to add humor into their dating skill arsenal, and Braddock and Cajun cover this issue with great detail and give you the right solution to prevent the problem.

There are also many other times where you should refrain from using humor during an interaction or in your dating life. Many times, a guy may be saying something funny, but if not calibrated can end up offending and hurting the woman. Braddock and Cajun give examples on how some guys actually use humor incorrectly and in result lose a woman.

Humor is a very powerful skill set, but there is a time and place to use humor. You can’t just use it whenever you want. Braddock and Cajun cover this topic and lay out the times to use humor and how to add it in during the interaction. Many guys can develop humor, but it’s all about using it effectively in order to attract more women into your dating life.

This audio covers a very important topic effectively. Even if you already are funny, chances are that you are falling into many traps during interactions that are causing you to lose women. Braddock and Cajun cover these common traps and show you how to not make typical mistakes that most guys are making in their dating lives. If you have zero humor skills, this audio is crucial as it is filled with valuable dating advice that will make you funny in no time.

What dating skill level is the audio on Humor best suited for?

The audio on Humor is going to benefit all dating skill levels. For beginners, you will need humor to get success with women. Being humorous is a common characteristic that all of the best dating coaches in the world have. You can just tell by listening to the audio that Cajun and Braddock are extremely funny guys. This audio will help all newbies develop a skill that will help add much more women into their dating lives. For intermediate to advanced guys, this dating product is going to really help you become sharp with your humor. First off, many guys are funny, but if you implement humor the wrong way you will face many problems in your dating life. You need to learn to calibrate humor, as well as learn the do’s and don’ts with the subject…. this dating audio is going to show you how to master the skill set.

How did the audio on humor impact my dating life?

I was always a kind of funny guy, but it was actually resulting with me losing more women than I was getting. Often times I would say things I thought were funny that would end up having the girl leave me. The little momentum and attraction I would gain would go down the drain once I tried being humorous with a woman. I was lost because I was always told that humor was an attraction switch, but it seemed the opposite for me. After listening to the dating product, I realized I was making almost all the common mistakes that guys typically make with humor. Once I fixed these problems, I was making girls laugh… and they were loving it. Not only did I learn to make them laugh, but because I knew how to calibrate humor as well as when to cut it off, I was becoming more than just a funny guy… I was becoming the total package to women, and my dating life was able to sky rocket.

How to use the audio on Humor to improve your dating life

This audio is going to really help you add more women into your dating life. If you can make a girl laugh the right way, she is going to be attracted and expect a good time whenever she is around you. The dating product is filled with many ways you can practice humor and master the skill set. Braddock and Cajun also give suggestions on some comedian programs and products that will also help sharpen your humor. It is important to not only practice the humor exercises you learn from the audio, but really focus on how to calibrate humor and use it at the right time and place. You can be funny, but if used wrong humor can be your number one tool in losing women. The audio shows you how to use humor effectively which will help you add more women into your dating life.

What I disliked about the audio on Humor

It may be just a tad difficult for new guys to learn the stuff from the humor audio. Although Braddock and Cajun give some examples humor, it can be difficult for beginners to really learn generalities of humor.

Concluding the audio on Humor

Solid dating product that offers valuable advice on one of the most powerful dating skill sets. Braddock and Cajun are masters with this topic and give you the right advice that will help you add extra women into your dating life. The product is also going to help you develop your overall social skills.

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