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Dating Tips: How to talk to girls

A few thoughts on how to talk to girls

This is a quick and easy guide on how to talk to girls and improve your dating life. Sadly, many people out there are frightened at starting a spontaneous conversation with a woman. Guys go out to bars and nightclubs and simply do not know how to talk to girls. Here are some simple tips and advice to take when you go out next time.


Talk to girls.

Yes, as simple as it sounds, get out and start conversations with girls. If you want to become natural with your dating interactions, you are going to have to talk to hundreds of girls until you are used to it. Dating women is not a skill you can learn in one day. A lot of guys don’t know how to talk to girls because they don’t try to talk to any. Go out and mess up a few times and be okay with it. The more you mess up, the more skilled you will become in your dating life.

Watch how other guys talk to girls

Watching other guys talk to girls can teach you so much about the dating world. Don’t just watch the good guys. Watch guys talking to girls who are terrible at it. When you are away from them, write down the key distinctions of what made one guy get good responses versus the guys who make thing awkward or stale.

What should you say when talking to girls?

There are various things you can talk about. If you have strong body language and a good tone, you can simply go up to a women and tell them hello and ask how they are. You would be surprised at how simple openers can work so well. Now if you told her hello, in a cracked and nervous voice, you will get blown out. It will take practice, but you will realize that talking to girls is actually very simple.

This post is to short to give you countless examples and explain the subtlties of how to talk to a girl, but if you feel this is exactly where you are. We highly suggest you read Magic Bullets and listen to or watch RSD Foundations.


Talking to groups of girls

If it is a group of girls, no worried. Go say hello to them and make sure to acknowledge all of them. They must all be your friends for you to have any success with any of them.


-       Have fun. Most of the time, what you say to a girl does not matter. Your sub communications are what count. If you are out with your friends, having fun, laughing, she will notice a cool guy. Once you say hello to her, she will see you as a fun guy who has cool friends. This is very powerful and you will realize that what you say is irrelevant.

So go out and have fun. Start conversations with everyone. Be social. Guys focus too much on how to talk to girls and fail on important aspects like having fun and maintaining a strong frame. Follow these steps and you will see drastic improvements in your dating life.


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