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Damage Control

Damage Control

Review on Damage Control

By dating coaches Savoy and Speer

This audio will serve to be pretty helpful in your dating life, especially beginners. So often a lot of guys mess up an interaction with a women, and feel like they lost all attraction they had, or potential for any. How often do you find yourself lost in these situations? Do you feel that any potential success with the woman has been diminished because of the mistakes you made? We all have been in situations like this in our dating lives, and even Savoy and Speer, who are professional dating coaches, describe that everyone goes through these mishaps.

I love this dating product because it shows that you can repair most of the damage that you have caused or may be causing. Not all interactions with women will be perfect. Even Savoy and Speer explain that getting a girl doesn’t need to come from a perfect approach or conversation. There are many common incidents that will pop up in your dating life that will make you feel like you lost the girl…. this audio will help you escape the damage and recover.

Some of the common scenarios that you may deal with in your dating quest include: fizzling of conversations, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, attracting one of her friends, being told she has a boyfriend, flaking, not complying with your requests or following your lead, and more. We have all been in these situations, and if you haven’t, you eventually will have to deal with it. Not all interactions go smoothly, and this dating product will prepare you to recover from any damage you may have made.

Savoy and Speer get into pretty great detail on how to recover from the scary situations you will be facing when meeting and dating women. This audio will have you prepared very well.

What dating skill level is the audio on Damage Control best suited for?

Damage control is something that will help all dating skill levels, but mostly beginners. Everyone gets themselves in situations where they feel they messed up. As a matter of fact, it is near impossible to always have the perfect interaction, and say the correct things at the right times. Every girl is different, so you can never predict when you will need damage control. That is why it is crucial for all levels of dating.

For beginners, this dating product will benefit you the most. When you are starting out, you will find yourself losing a lot of women during interactions. This is fine, because you are new to the game and it takes a lot of failure to know what you are doing wrong, and to fix it. This audio is going to help you prepare for those times so you can alleviate the situations you get into.

How the audio on Damage Control impacted my dating life

This audio was pretty crucial in helping my overall dating life. Many times I was opening women pretty well. I would open them and get a good reaction, then transition into a conversation. Before I knew it, my interactions were always fizzing away. I would start off high, then slowly decrease down to a level where they would leave. This audio was crucial in helping me get out of the common incident of killing the conversation. I was able to ignite it back up again and I would not lose as many girls. The best part is that the dating advice given by Savoy and Speer is super easy to apply. I had no trouble at all when I was repairing any damage I made when interacting with women.

How to use the audio Damage Control to improve your dating life

The dating skills and tips you are going to learn in this audio will be extremely easy for you to implement in your dating life. Savoy and Speer give some examples on how to prevent getting into some damage, but give you clear tools on how to get yourself out of it in most scenarios possible. All you need to do is apply the dating tips they give, and this will be very easy. The solution to damage control is actually quite easy. You just need to soak in the advice Savoy and Speer give and be prepared for ALL the damage scenarios, which are common for all guys. Once you embed their methods, you will notice yourself fixing many mistakes which in the past would have resulted you in losing the girl.

What I disliked about the audio on Damage Control

The audio didn’t seem too fluid. There seemed to be a lack of structure when Savoy and Speer were delivering their advice and tips. I would have liked the audio to be more organized and smoother in delivery.

Concluding the audio on Damage Control

Great dating product. Love Systems once again covered a specific area that all guys deal with, making this product applicable to all. Even advanced guys will face scenarios when they will need damage control; it is a natural occurrence when meeting and dating women.

Do you often find yourself in sticky situations with women where you are lost and don’t know what to do? Ever feel like you said the wrong thing to her? Did you conversation start off well and then fizzle off? No consistency in your dating life? Did she just tell you she has a boyfriend? These are just some of the scenarios that I am sure you all have faced in your quests to improve your dating lives. This dating audio covers them all and more in detail to help you get out of these uncomfortable situations, and get the girl attracted to you.

There isn’t a dating product like this out there. Savoy and Speer get pretty in-depth with damage control and although the audio may lack structure and organization, you are getting extremely valuable advice you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from being valuable, the dating tips and methods you learn are going to be extremely simple to apply into your dating life. Highly recommended dating product.

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