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My list of the best dating products and why

There are many dating products out on the market. Many of them provide great advice, and others are just useless. This site is filled with some of the better products, which have helped me enhance my dating life. (Yes, I have used them all)


Here is a list of some of the products that made the biggest impact on my dating life. I think these select few offer the best advice and value.

1. Magic Bullets. Love Systems has been at the top of the dating market for the past 10 years, filled with some of the best dating coaches out there. They are growing all the time and come out with extremely useful products. However, nothing beats Magic Bullets. Magic Bullets is the ultimate how-to guide on getting a better dating life. It is suitable for all levels of game, especially beginners. It gets into great detail, and seems to answer any question you may have. I have recommended Magic Bullets to many beginners and they claimed it totally turned their dating life around.


2. The Blueprint Decoded. This program totally changed my inner game. All of your success will come down to your inner game. It is the most important aspect in getting a better dating life. The Blueprint Decoded helped me learn ways to become natural with women, and kept my mentality strong. It helped me get through many ups and downs I had on my journey to a better dating life. I also recommend Love Systems’ interview series on Inner Game featuring dating coaches Braddock and Mr. M. It is a cheap buy, and filled with great information. Braddock and Mr. M are the masters of Inner Game, as they teach their famous seminar, which I have only heard great things about.


3. The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by Braddock and Mr. M. Once you start getting good at interacting with women, you will get many numbers. I realized that phone game is a whole different ball game. The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game by Braddock and Mr. M helped me turn most of my numbers into dates and relationships. I used to lose girls through the phone until after I read the Braddock and Mr. M’s guide. They get into great detail on how to text certain types of girls, and give you the process to turn numbers into dates.


These 3 dating products helped me gain the dating life I have always wanted. Many products on the site will enhance your dating life, but these 3 are where I started. They made the biggest impact and offered the most value.



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