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Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set

Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set

Review on Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set

Badboy has a very direct approach to dating. What is taught in this dating product, as well as other Badboy products is some very valuable advice that will help strengthen your mindset when dating and meeting women. If you are not familiar with Badboy and the products, his methods are very direct and really help you become a better man who is not afraid to express the way he feels.

This dating product is filled with great advice, and is very basic. The tools taught in this audio won’t be too vital for an advanced guy. It starts off with some basic dating concepts that will help a lot of newbies. I found these to be some common themes that are hurting the inner game of guys who just starting with meeting and dating women. I like how Badboy debunks the myths that are hurting some guys. He goes ahead and states some truths that will really help guys improve their dating life: Girls aren’t higher valued than men, guys are logical while girls are emotional, women love sex and want it just as much and even more than men, girls don’t like nice guys.

I think for newbies to embed these facts in their head will drastically improve their inner game. Badboy does a good job at helping guys get the right mindset that will help their dating life skyrocket.

I like how the product offers CD’s that lay out some missions for you to accomplish. Although it has some basic tasks set out, these are pretty helpful. Many new guys are often lost when figuring out how to start their journey to improve dating. If you have weak guidance, you can put a huge roadblock in the progress of your dating life. These CD’s are helpful because they give you a good guideline on how to practice, which will help you stay on the right track to add more women into your dating life

Although there is some great advice in this dating product, it is all way too basic. There is also a lack of structure which diminishes the value of this audio. Good dating advice, but way too basic. I would definitely recommend a stronger and more comprehensive inner game product such as The Blueprint Decoded.

What dating skill level is The Badboy Lifestyle Audio set best suited for

This dating product is best for beginners. Badboy offers some very valuable advice and mindsets that will help dating beginners get on the right track and develop their inner game. I like how Badboy discusses some of the truths to dating, which I believe will be a breath of fresh air for newbies and help them eliminate the dangerous mindsets that often stifle guys from getting dating success. Good basic advice in this product, and will definitely impact the newbies in dating.

How did The Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set impacted my dating life

This audio didn’t really make an impact on my dating life because I was already advanced when I came upon it and listened to it. I was also equipped with very strong inner game thanks to years of developing, as well as premiere products such as The Blueprint Decoded and even The Fearless Code by David Wygant. I do appreciate the mindset and approach that Badboy teaches. For beginners, this product will definitely help out a lot. If you can apply Badboy’s approach and mentality, you will have great inner game and see improvements in your dating life right off the bat. However, as stated earlier there are better inner game products that get more comprehensive like The Blueprint Decoded.

But this product’s simplicity does pose as an advantage, as it will be easy to implement in your mindset which can give you good training wheels on your journey to acquire the ideal dating life.

How to use The Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set to improve your dating life

I think this dating product will be useful for beginners because it is very straight forward. It doesn’t get into too much detail. It is not that comprehensive, and although that is slightly a negative, it does make implementing much easier. To be honest, The Blueprint Decoded, The Fearless Code offer much more value than this dating product. Even Love Systems’ Audio on Intro to Inner Game by Braddock and Mr. M offers much more valuable advice. If you do get this product, make sure to engrain Badboy’s mentality. It truly will help you get the right mindset to improve your dating life. It is just way too basic and lacks detail.

The mission CDs are great ways to kickstart your journey to develop good inner game. If you can follow and accomplish the missions Badboy gives with these CDs, you will see great improvement in your inner game and dating life. It is very simple as well, which will make practicing much easier.

What I disliked about The Badboy LIfestyle Audio Set

The product simply does not offer enough value. I agree 100% with the mindset that Badboy teaches. If you can master his teachings, you will be great and see drastic improvement in your dating life, especially if you are a beginner. But the product lacks structure and detail. The advice is good, but too basic. Had there been much more content and detail, this product could have impacted the dating lives of newbies much more.

Concluding the Badboy Lifestyle Audio Set

I am not bashing this product, but there are just more products out there that give you more value. Badboy is a great dating coach who teaches some effective material. But this product is too basic and doesn’t get into enough detail. If you want to get more value and truly develop a rock-hard inner game, there are more powerful products out there.

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