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Dating Tips: Kick your approach anxiety

Everyone has approach anxiety. The best PUAs in the world have approach anxiety. But how do you think the world’s best PUA’s conquered their approach anxiety? They simply kept approaching.


I know it is easy to say, but the best way to get over your approach anxiety is to keep approaching until you become comfortable. Repetition is what made people who used to lack success with women, into some of the world’s best PUAs.


Even with that, everyone still has approach anxiety. Everyone always will. But the best in the world learn to deal with it. Here are some ways to deal with approach anxiety and conquer it.


  1. Keep approaching. Simple. More importantly, be okay with getting blown out. You must be able to get blown out by women and not be fazed. It happens to everyone. The best PUAs in the world get blown out by women. It is not you, it is her. So be okay with getting rejected. It is the only way you will get stronger.
  2. Have a wingman to push you. Push each other into approaching sets. Force each other to purchase a drink for the other if they fail to approach. Physically push each other into sets. Whatever it takes, make the approach.
  3. Warm up. Talk to everyone. Just get into a talking mood. Chat with the bouncer at a club about the weather or the venue. Talk to guys around the club about sports and beer. Have some fun chats with the bartender and waitresses. Do this all before you approach sets and you will feel more comfortable. It gradually gets you into a social mood and approaching will become much easier.
  4. Don’t waste time. The more you wait, the more anxiety you will get. You see a set, go open right away. Who cares if you don’t have a plan? Just get comfortable with opening them… words will come out. Eventually you will master it, but you have to go through a lot of failing to get there.


Remember, we all have approach anxiety. You have to learn how to fight it. Go out there and approach as many women as possible. Don’t focus on the outcome. The best PUA’s in the world failed 100s of times to get where they are.


Do you want to go home and regret not approaching that woman? You will never know what could have happened. She could have been the girl of your dreams. The only way to find out is to approach.

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