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Love Systems Audio: Alcohol and Gaming

Love Systems Audio: Alcohol and Gaming

Alcohol and Gaming

This audio is so so crucial for everyone. Most guys out in social situations thrive off of alcohol. I have been a victim myself and there is nothing wrong with it. When you are drinking in a social situation, it really loosens you up and can help you develop good vibes, which can actually lead to success in your dating life. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol and gaming at all.

That being said, for anyone that wants to become a master with dating women, it is imperative to have the ability to interact with women without the aid of alcohol. First off, if you can’t control your alcohol intake you will come off as sloppy. This is horrible game and will help you lose many women. Some guys can control it to where they are in a good mood when they are drinking and they can keep composure. But remember, to get REALLY good with women, you need to game without alcohol. You won’t live your life where every single scenario with a woman will have alcohol involved. It is not healthy, and it is not practical. For guys who really want to become masters with women, you can’t be out 5-6 times a week and drink every night. You will spend most your life in the hospital this way!

 Alcohol and Gaming is a subject everyone needs to cover

This audio is filled with great dating advice on a topic that needs to be tackled by every aspiring pickup artist. Attending Love Systems’ Super conference multiple times, and having actually went out with Daxx and Intrigue, I can tell you they are 2 of the best dating coaches in the world. They offer both sides of the spectrum as well. Intrigue has never drank, yet he pulls the hottest girls. Daxx has switched phases in the past of both gaming with alcohol and gaming without it. He explains how he had to master both sides of the topic in order to become one of the best in the world with women. You will get the best advice on alcohol and gaming with these 2 Love Systems’ phenoms.

Daxx and Intrigue give you the pros and cons of gaming with alcohol (and without it). It is awesome how they get into such good detail and they explain how although they both have their pros and cons, you can experience great success with women regardless of which approach you take! However, to get optimum success with women, to get your game to whole different level than others, you need to be successful interacting WITHOUT alcohol!

My advice on Alcohol and Gaming

I really appreciate the instructors Love Systems chose for the alcohol and gaming audio. You really get in-depth information on both sides of the topic. This is mentioned by both Daxx and Intrigue, but it is vital that you at least learn to game WITHOUT alcohol. You can have success with alcohol, but if you are going to be gaming with alcohol, take the time to game without it as well. I think an important part of the audio is when Intrigue mentions that you never want to become dependent on anything, and that you need to develop the ability to always interact comfortably with women, regardless of the scenario.

Everyone needs this audio on Alcohol and Gaming

This is recommended for everyone. There are many guys out there that choose not to drink for personal and health reasons who struggle interacting with women because of this. This audio gives you a clear path, especially because you are learning from one of the best dating coaches in Intrigue, who has never had a drop of alcohol in his life! For guys that do drink, this audio is going to help you because, yes, you do need start gaming without alcohol. If you really want to expand your game and become one of the best, you need to know how to interact without alcohol. Daxx also mentions that in his experience with both sides, when he has been gaming without alcohol, he has pulled the highest quality women ever. A lot tougher to do if you are gaming with alcohol.

If you feel lost without alcohol, then you don’t have the basics of dating down. Audios such as Approaching and Transitioning as well as Inner Game will give you a good foundation. Use routines from the Love Systems Routines Manual and (Volume 2 Here) just to have a go-to when gaming without alcohol. Like Intrigue mentions, you can’t be dependent on anything to help you!

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