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About Us

We started this company with the vision of helping people avoid the painful time consuming road blocks we faced as we worked to get this area of our life handled.  Before the staff met each other we had each individually poured through countless dating products, finding more frustration and confusing than magic lines to help us with women.

The worst part of that journey was that I really needed/wanted the help and I couldn’t find it.  I felt like I was looking for a needle in a hey stack at the time.  What made that even harder to endure, I didn’t have much money when I started, so each product I purchased I desperately needed to work, as it was a big investment.

After years of going through these pains and finally getting our dating lives where we want them, we decided this site would be a great way to give back and to help guys.  We are aimed at helping guys that are just now in that season of their life trying to figure out women and dating as we were not to long ago.  We know that if you have the right materials to help guide you, that you can learn this skill relatively fast and not have to spend years chasing you tail.

With the right products and mentorship, you can avoid the highs and lows, and cut your learning curve down 1,000%.   Getting this area handled is hard enough on it’s own. So, there is no reason to overcomplicate guys by dumping 500 bad products on them and hiding 2 good ones in there.

Our mission is to help men, no matter what skill level, find the highest quality products on the market that get results.

Results and actionability…..   That is how we measure and rate the products on this site.  If a book is all theory or just plain ill informed, which most of them are, it won’t make our lists.  We are very cut throat and specific about the ratings on our lists, because it is easy to find the wrong information and get led down a path that actually takes you further from your goal.

We hope you will hang in there and enjoy this journey.  Don’t give up and just always remember it’s a fun hobby, that you want to get good at. Don’t let this be life or death.

We hope this site and the products we recommend on the page help you as much as they have helped us and thousands of our clients and friends.


Good luck,

-DPR Team


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